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KPD makes top ten dance events for 2017


2017 was a good year for dance in Miami. The Flamenco Festival allowed us to see Jesús Carmona again, the International Ballet Festival of Miami (IBFM) survived the hurricane Irma, Dance NOW! Miami traveled to Mexico to present "Bridges Not Walls" and Miami City Ballet (MCB) brought us from Mexico to Katia Carranza.

South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center (SMDCAC) is now on the heels of the Arsht Center as the place with the best dance programming in Miami but spaces such as the Fillmore Miami Beach Gleason Room, 6th Street Dance Studio, the Miami Theater Sandbox Center (MTC) and Lightbox Theater Wynwood remain as mandatory destinations to see "author dance". "Big Beautiful" by Brigid Baker Whole Project at 6th Street Dance Studio and "Shade" by Augusto Soledade at the Gleason Room were good examples. For their part, eleven local groups participated in one of the best Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler to date, which was presented at the New World School of the Arts Dance Theater.

It was also stimulating to be able to appreciate the popular acceptance received by long-established groups such as Dance NOW! Miami, projects that combine school and professional presentations like Arts Ballet Theater of Miami (ABTF), a new company like Dimensions Dance Theater of Miami (DDTM) and sui generis experiences like IFE-ILE, with its annual Afro-Cuban music and dance festival , the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami (CCBM), promoting and preserving the Cuban School of Ballet, and Karen Peterson and Dancers (KPD), for their painstaking work with integrated dance.

In 2017, Vladimir Issaev (ABTF) surprised with "Vertigo", an exquisite dramatic adage conceived for Mary Carmen Catoya. Pedro Pablo Peña (CCBM) mounted an interesting solo for Isanusi García-Rodríguez and presented the famous "Grand Pas de Quatre" for the first time in Miami by four established professional dancers (Lorena Feijóo, Marizé Fumero, Manuela Navarro and Venus Villa ) gathered especially for the occasion, in the same Gala where Eriberto Jiménez premiered the pleasant "Habaneras". Jennifer Kronenberg and Carlos Guerra (DDTM) found a perfect stellar vehicle for them with "Transparente" by Ronald Savkovic. The incorporation to the repertoire of works like "Carousel Pas de Deux" (by Kenneth Mc Millan),

There were years in which to select the great moments of the dance in Miami was something difficult because of the meager offer. Nowadays it is impossible to see all the programmed dance functions, which causes any selection to have unforgivable omissions. All the aforementioned works also deserved a place on our list.

The dance in Miami does not stop and for the next year it is announced that the IBFM is ahead of the month of August and its organizers plan to offer one of the Galas in Mexico. MCB has scheduled a world premiere of Brian Brooks and Karen Peterson and Dancers (KPD) will launch Forward Motion, an annual integrated dance event. Dance NOW! Miami will premiere The Book of Psalms by Baumgarten and Salterini and will host the Mexico City Ballet to present the second part of "Bridges Not Walls" and ABTF will celebrate its twentieth anniversary and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Marius Petipa with programs dedicated in his honor.

Meanwhile, here are in chronological order, 10 great moments - special, defining, unrepeatable - of the year that ends.


1: The return to Miami of the Cuban group Malpaso Dance Company with a performance at the Arsht Center that closed in style with "Why You Follow" by Ronald K. Brown.

2: The exuberance of the dancers of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet in Huma Rojo by Cayetano Soto (SMDCAC).


3: The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater season, also at the Arsht Center.


4: The X edition of Flamenco Festival Miami at the Knight Concert Hall of the Arsht Center, where the cane of Jesús Carmona and the soleá of Juana Amaya stood out in the Gala directed by Manuel Liñán and Olga Pericet with Juan Carlos Lérida in the segment La Fiera on the Mount of his work Pisadas.


5: The overwhelming Scrutiny: The World Gone Astray, by KPD in collaboration with LizArt Productions (LAP) of Vienna (Austria) that premiered on the On.Stage Black Box of the Miami-Dade County Auditorium

6: The world premiere of "A la Barre ..." by Roberto Salaorni - performed by Jose Brooks and Andrew McShea - based on Dance NOW! Miami at the Colony Theater that rescued from ignominy the failed World Outgames Miami 2017.


7: The Gala at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium of the XXII IBFM, which will be remembered for the unforgettable performances of Virna Toppi and Massimo Garon at Le Papillon (Italy), Delphine Moussin at Madame Bovary (France), Tjasa Kmetec and Petar Dorcevski at Doctor Zhivago (Slovenia), the Italians Rinaldo Venuti and Vicenzo Di Primo in Capturam, and the Cubans Jorge Oscar Sanchez and Francois Llorente. María Emilia García and Reynaldo Alexander Duval, from the National Dominican Ballet, only had to go on stage to become favorites.


8: The awaited return of Katia Carranza to the MCB and the affirmation of Simone Messmer as an exquisite interpreter, both in "Jewels" of Balanchine (Arsht Center).


9: The presentation of DDTM in SMDCAC with the "Light Rain" of Gerald Arpino - mounted by Cameron Basden - that turned out to be a "star is born" by double game thanks to the extraordinary Gabriela Mesa and Fabian Morales.


10: The presentation in the Arsht Center of the new designs of Isabel and Ruben Toledo for the "Nutcracker" of the MCB.

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